Deaf Viewpoint logo on the display
EMPOWER provide a voice
EDUCATE promote growth
SERVE a diverse community


Education. Work. A Career.

Deaf Viewpoint is here for the journey whatever form it takes. Work with us to provide the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities access to education and work.

We can help you enhance the Deaf learner experience, diversify your workforce and prioritise inclusivity. Be successful in listening to the Deaf Viewpoint, a perspective that matters as equally as your own.

We believe Empowerment, Education and Service support equality


Empowerment involves providing the right tools for progression and helps to build an equal platform for success.


Education helps to develop our understanding of communities that may be different to our own


Serve by using your skills and knowledge to implement change. Make the adjustment and promote equal access.

Unsure where to start?

Is diversity and inclusivity on your agenda? 

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