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It all started here!


While studying my A Levels I had the opportunity to volunteer at a Primary school for Deaf children. Being in the classroom felt natural to me and I simply loved supporting children and young people.

As time passed I soon learned that Deaf students would consistently meet barriers that would prevent them from accessing education as readily as their hearing peers. Doing nothing was not an option. Over the years I found myself ‘starting the conversation,’ encouraging colleagues and other professionals to look at the situation from a Deaf perspective and highlighting ways where small adjustments can prioritise inclusion and promote equality.

I have witnessed many challenges within Deaf Education but have also seen success. Deaf students becoming qualified photographers, chefs, teachers and more. These achievements not only come from the tireless work and dedication of Deaf students but from individuals and teams that are willing to listen, take on board another perspective and implement change 

There is so much to learn from the Deaf Viewpoint and I am more than happy, along with my Deaf colleagues, to share this with you.

What you should know about me

I love British Sign Language.

I started learning Sign Language when I was 8 years old and passed stage one, aged 11. Taught by a family friend I instantly fell in love with it. Sometimes I prefer Sign Language to English.

I always say yes.

To my mother (I’ve not tried saying no) and a cup of tea – milk, no sugar please.

I will never stop.

Finding a reason to laugh. Laughing keeps you young, they say. I don’t disagree.


Whatever your reason for visiting us today, I hope to have the opportunity to work with you.

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Irmina St. Catherine

CEO & Founder

Our Values


Deaf Viewpoint is built on its core values and its understanding of diversity.

Diversity Defined

We define diversity as  not simply following a mainstream understanding, that people of different cultures and races work together towards a common goal. Rather we honour diversity in race and culture; in academia and training and in expertise and creativity.